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Various harness for different “jobs”

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New poster here. I have a 7.5 month old puppy that we are training/taking classes to hopefully integrate well into our active lifestyle. Furthermore, she goes to work (city recreation dept office) with me.

We have been doing basic training with her in a flat collar, sometimes with a Ruffwear Front Range harness on if doing short stints in my Nordic skis to get her used to that activity so I can grab her easily with gloved hands.

That got me thinking... is there anyone who uses/any benefit to using different harnesses for a dog’s various tasks?

Ie, wear this to work with mom where your job is to lounge quietly upstairs, wear that to Nordic ski/mountain bike/run where there’s an emphasis on following mom. Obviously this requires the appropriate training on my part to clarify job/desired behaviors.

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The equipment you use becomes part of the overall context of "we are doing this now". My dogs have one harness for nosework, a different harness for tracking (not that we've done that lately), and a third harness for parkour. That said, I have done nowework without a harness, and parkour in their nosework harnesses, so equipment is not the only cue.
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