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Vanilla Dog

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I have an Aussie, Border Collie, Blue Heeler mix and he’s about 9 months old now. He’s got all the normal dog smells that we all love (including wet dog) but ever since he was a puppy you could press your nose into his forehead and sometimes it would smell like vanilla. Not sure why this is but the smell is pretty fragrant and distinctively vanilla!
Anyone know why that may be? Or have any similar experiences?
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awww sweet, my border collie smelled of milk and cookies, now my stabij smells very similar almost like a baby powder smell.. But mt beagle always smelled like sleepy slightly sweaty sock George has that same kind of smell, and I had a bouvier des flanders x st bernard who smelled like a wookie on a bad day..

I think they all have a particualr scent but this can be made stronger or overpowered by diet or their surroundings.
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