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Hey all:

I just adopted a yellow labrador (Elliott) two weeks ago. Before adopting him, he had his first round of vaccines. He went into the vet this past Tuesday for neutering and the second round of vaccines. The nurse at the vet told me he'll have to come in in another 3 weeks for a third set of booster vaccines before he's able to go outside.

This seems like a really unnecessarily long time to me to keep my new pup inside and not have any chances to interact with other dogs and humans in the outside world. I'd like to enroll him in puppy kindergarten and make sure he's exposed to as many of the experiences he'll have throughout his life as early as possible. Is waiting for that third round of vaccines pretty commonplace? If so, what should I do in the meantime to make sure he's being properly socialized?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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