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Vacation: Board or hire a pet sitter?

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I have an upcoming vacation that will be almost two weeks and have travel plans. What would be a better option: Boarding them at a place where they'd stay in partially enclosed outdoor rooms that are about 10 x 15 or hiring a pet sitter who would come to my house 3 x a day? The boarding place has a few employees who all love animals and has a good reputation. The dogs would get more human interaction there and would get a chance periodically to roam around on their 5 acre property. However, they're both rescue dogs and I'm worried that they're going to think I abandoned them (or they'll at least be confused about where their home is). For a little more money, they could stay in my house and the pet sitting company would come 3 times a day: Once for 30 minutes (which includes a walk) and twice for 15 minutes. This doesn't sound like a lot of human interaction and usually I let them out to go to the bathroom much more than 3 times a day. They've never had accidents in the house though, including overnight or when I'm away for close to 8 hours.

I probably sound neurotic for bringing this up but do you guys feel guilty when you go away? I was invited to go on this cruise a year ago--before I had either dog. I'm really, really excited about the cruise but part of me feels like I'm putting the dogs through a confusing, scary period just so I can have fun.
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I would board them. At least for my dog if she was left alone for 13 days with only having some one come over 3x a day she'd get bored and I'd worried she'd get creative (Even though she is generally a good dog about that kind of thing. But with no one there and only some one showing up every so often I think she'd get really lonely/bored). If the boarding place lets them out to play with each other I think having other dogs to play with woudl really distract her (of course, this is my dog, everyone's dog is different). I've been lucky, the two times I've had to board her I found a place that ran it out of their home and had a ton of greyhounds so it was not even like being in a kennel and then I had a coworker willing to take her in with her dogs. You may even consider seeing if there are any people running boarding out of their house. Of course I'd check out their setup and ask their routine. But sometimes you can find really good places if you don't go to a "company" that does it.

Now, if the pet sitting service (or if you knew some one willing to do it) stayed at your house that would be different.

But, every dog is different and osme dogs may be nervous/anxious enough it is better to just have them stay at home and not get as much interaction (or they may do well at a place that boards out of their house so they feel like they are just living with other people). They may be calmer than my dog (or less easily bored). But for a high energy dog or one that needs a lot of stimulation, I'd really think they'd get bored for 13 days with some one only coming around 3 x a day.
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