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UTI....how do you tell?

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I have a 3.5 month puppy. I wonder if she might have a UTI? She sleeps in her crate every night 6 - 8 hours a night and has only woke me up once to go out. I have to leave her in the crate during the day for 8-9 hours. I try to come home for lunch, but that doesn't happen often. My mother will come over in a pinch if I can't get home after 8 hours to let her out mid-day. I started taking her to doggy daycare last week. I'm going to do that once a week and when I have an evening event. I can't afford to do that much more than that.

My friends tell me they had to do the same thing with their pups, but I just wanted to hear what the forum thought?

How do I tell if she has a UTI?

I've noticed a urine smell over the last few days. Tonight she seemed a little more lazy than usual. She is drinking very well and eats good morning and night....for the most part. She goes to potty fine. I've noticed the flow seems fine.

Can you tell I'm a first time doggy owner?

Thanks so much!
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I'm not sure what your question is. Is it that she is peeing in inappropriate places and times?
How to tell if your puppy has UTI: http://www.ehow.com/how_4478751_tell-puppy-has-uti.html

I think your worry is about the urine smell? When was the last time that your pup took a bath?
Thanks for the response. I actually had her groomed for the first time on last Friday. I also wipe her off each morning.....a good face and bottom warm towel wash. I give her a bath each Saturday. ;o)

I'll check out your link....awesome. Thanks!!
Leaving a 3 1/2 old puppy crated 8-9 hrs per day is too long. He's probably urinating, and you're just not noticing. I don't even leave my 2 yr old for 9 hours without someone coming in to walk him.
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