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using refractometer for urine ph

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My Tuesday had struvite bladder stones removed and I am trying to keep an eye on her urine ph. I bought a refractometer and did the test but this meter does not specifically say ph. it has "S.P. ND U.G" do any of these things relate to the PH. The lowest numbers on the scale is 1.335 .....boy am I confused.
It should have come with more information. It only shows how to calibrate but does not give any other information.
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I thought a refractometer measured the amount of sediment in the urine?

A quick google turned this up:
"Read the S. P. scale to give the total protein concentration of the sample of serum. • Read the U. G. scale to read the specific gravity of the urine sample." - so they wouldn't tell you the pH of the urine but how much protein and sediment was present (which is still very useful for stoneformers!)
This refractometer is designed for veterinary and human use, so the readings in this are as follows.

R.I. 1.338 U.G. 1008
I can not see what the ND stands for....
I will take a urine sample to my vet on Monday and also take this refractometer with me and have them tell me what it all means.
The one I was quoting from was a PDF file from a medical supplies catalogue that went along with a refractometer, so I think that much is accurate. Just no clue on the ND.
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