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Urgent pottie training

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Hello! My family and I recently bought a new 9 week old F1 Goldendoodle puppy named Dahlia. Anyways, she had been doing well with going outside to go to the bathroom until the next few days where she would go to the bathroom every 30 minutes instead of 1 hour and eventually she has so go out every 15 minutes. She pees almost immediately after she drinks which is a big problem. She needs constant surveillance all day or else he pees or poops on the floor. We took her to the vet and they said that she has some urinary irritation. They put her on antibiotics but my dad is on his last straw. He is so fed up with our new puppy that he is always upset with her.
Do you guys have any suggestions on things we can do to help with this problem?
Any feedback and advice would be greatly appreciated. View attachment 262146
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Potty training is not like making a glass of instant tea.

Each dog is different. Some will take a year, some a few weeks. Overnight......not likely. Urgently....less than not likely.

Since the dog has a urinary problem, expect the potty cycle to continue until resolution of the problem.

Pups at that age do not know how to control their functions. You need to begin potty training for both the dog and Dad.

I'd suggest to tether the dog to you. Go outside every 30 minutes or more often, Definitely after the dog drinks, naps, eats, plays. I would not restrict the water. Spread out potty pads in areas where the dog relieves itself.
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Your puppy is 9 weeks old. She is a baby and can't control her bladder. She has to be trained. It takes effort and it takes time. Neither of my dogs were fully housebroken until about 9 or 10 MONTHs old - not weeks.

There is a ton of information on potty training out there. Just make sure you are not punishing her in any way. Only use positive reinforcement. Praise her for going outside, ignore it if she goes inside (just quietly clean it up).

Take her out more often. If she's going every half hour, take her out every 20 minutes. If she pees immediately after drinking (which is perfectly normal), pick her up and take her outside immediately after she drinks.
She's a baby, and one with a UTI, to boot. Of course she's going to be peeing like crazy.

Housebreaking 101: take the puppy out after they wake up, eat a meal, take a drink of water, have been playing for a while, look like they are looking for a place to go, and every 20 minutes just because. With a UTI, she might need to go out even more often. If you can't be right on top of her to supervise, then she needs to be crated or otherwise confined. When you take (not put, take) her out, let her know how wonderful she is to potty where she's supposed to with praise and treats.
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