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I am desperate to have your advice and suggestions.

I have three adult male dogs all adopted stray dogs
1 and half year old and two 7 months old

Recently I had to adopt two pups who were trafficked in the name of rescue and adoption

Pups are 1 n half month old : male and female

My elder adult dog is friendly to them: He is neutral like you have your space and leave my space type

But the other two adult male dogs are aggressive to these two pups since they arrived to me on 24th June.
They bark at them and growl and want to kill them as if. I have to put my two adult dogs in a room and lock them up for several hours because if I let lose them, they can harm the pups.

One day I tied them close to the pups in the same room but they were like so ferocious even tried to bite me when I stopped them, that I had to ultimately take them again back to their room.

I only let them out for walks on leash that too when I swap their room with these pups. I feel bad that I have to lock them up for so long and I am not able to now interact with them much except when I go inside to them to feed them. In the night also they are locked. (though the room is big enough with ventilation and back door to the backyard to roam about)

Please advise how to make these adult dogs friendly with the pups.

I am quite worried and very stressed.

Thanks in advance

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Rehome the pups or rehome the adult dogs. That is your safest and best answer. Next best is to simply keep the dogs separated. The puppies should be separated anyway to prevent them bonding to each other instead of to people (look up Littermate syndrome).

Good luck.
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