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Upendi Sue and my grammas three.

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I have a few new pictures of Upendi Sue, her birthday is the 28th of this month! How exciting. And I thought it's about time I introduce my gramma's dogs as we live with them as well.
You can see how loose the skin on her neck is. She gets little rolls.

I love her sleepy face.

It's amazing how much darker her face and ears are and how light her neck has gotten. Her coloring has changed alot since she was a puppy and it's changed several times.

You can see how big she's getting, when she stretches out she's as long as my leg.
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And here's Sammy, the oldest of my gramma's three. She's a purebred german shorthaired pointer.

Rosiola another german shorthair. :) She's the sweetest of the three.

Dyna the guard dog, she's a shepherdxcollie.

Sorry about the double reply DF isn't loading right for me.
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