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Does anyone else think their dogs read what they post here?

Well, Carol hasn't shown the least bit of guarding since that post. She's gone to the dog park once and I had puppy class last night and the trainer purposely got out a bunch of toys for the puppies to play with to see if there are any problems.

She was 100% fine (it was two other pups that got into it)! She played with the others with no problem and wasn't trying to guard any toys, which included the toy she guarded last time. I kinda wonder if she wasn't just a bit "off" that week. She had pretty normal energy and totally normal appetite but she was having some loose stools and I would swear she just kept waking up in a bad mood all week. Stool is all back to normal now and it seems the pup is also.

I did talk with the trainer a bunch and he said to just keep a close eye on it and let him know if it happens again. His thought is that it could definitely be a case of her just not feeling quite right that week and being cranky with the other dogs because of it. Amusingly, because he and his wife breed Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs and are friends with Carol's breeder, he said the purebreds are wimps when they don't feel well :).

I'm going to continue to keep a close eye out for any recurrence but so far all seems to be going well. Just gotta hope it stays that way.
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