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We're 1/2 way through transitioning Buster from Exclusive to Taste of the Wild and already seeing some changes in him. Where I was expecting some issues with upsetting his tummy, Im seeing the opposite. On Exclusive Buster will have soft, formed poop in the morning (after 10-12 hours without a meal) and progress to pudding (or worse) by bedtime. Now that he's eating 1/2 Exclusive & 1/2 TOTW, hes solid all day. Gas issues are GONE. I havent been stunk out of my house since Monday evening :D

His energy level is up, he's beginning to act more like an almost 5 month old puppy (I'll decide later if thats good or bad). Last night he decided my husband leaving a plate of spaghetti on the coffee table meant daddy was willing to share so helped himself to a bit...something he has never done before. Ive been constantly pulling no no items out of his mouth the last couple days...he loves my girls' hair ties, chews them like we'd chew a piece of gum. To me, this means he feels better...and its time to step up our training!

The only changes have been switching his food and removing all treats that contain corn. He's had a little more excitement than normal, my nephew has been visiting and Buster LOVES to meet new people....he even loves the mailman.
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