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I had posted another thread asking about Whole Earth Farms vs Backcountry. I was greatly educated by the community and it was brought to my attention that since I've been feeding her grain free foods and having issues with those then I should try switching to something with grains and see how that goes.

I bought Merrick Backcountry Friday. Outcome = Marley does not like it nor does she like Whole Earth Farms. She will eat both BUT only when she has no other choice. To me, that just does not sit well. I want her to eat when she is hungry not starve herself and eat until she can't take it anymore.

Today (2 days later) I went back to the pet store and bought a small bag of Merrick classic chicken recipe with ancient grains. I also went to Walmart and picked up some sweet potatoes and a can of 100% pure pumpkin (to help with food changes) and she seemed pretty excited HOWEVER I mixed the new bag with the grain free food along with some sweet potatoes and a tbl spoon of pumpkin and she licked some of the sweet potatoes but didn't really eat much else.

The pet store told me I can just bring the bag back and they'll refund my money if she doesn't like it. I cannot tell if it's the Merrick classic (or Merrick brand altogether) that she doesn't like or if she just won't try the classic with chicken/ancient grains because it's mixed with the grain free food (which I was told has a lot of peas and a lot of dogs don't like that) so I'm debating on just switching her cold turkey to Merrick Classic and just putting a tbl spoon of pumpkin in for about a week to help her stomach but I really don't want to do that because she gets GI upsets pretty easily and I don't want to do anything to make her sick.

If this bag does not work out then I'm going to try Wellness
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