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It was done on Valentines Day...some get chocolates, some get jewels, some get dinner...i gave my dog a snipping.

We went and picked him up around 5pm, and all had gone well. We brought him home, and admonished the children to not get 'all wild' around him...i was terrified he'd jump and run. After being home a few hours, he still had not drank any water, so i was getting worried (foolishly, my hubby said), and tried giving him drops of water off of my fingers. Zavie could have cared less! He just laid around mostly. He even looked at the cat, and i swear i could read his mind...'I might chase you, yeah i want to chase you,...ahh, nevermind'. Around 9pm he sauntered over to his water dish and took a few drinks, and oh that pleased me! That was when i finally exhaled and realized that he would indeed be alright. I was putting the leash on him to walk him around the backyard so he wouldn't get too excited. Yesterday, he finally ate a 'full' meal, and i did a little happy dance over that! He's about back to normal activity-wise, but i am restricting him as much as i can a Jack Russell! He goes back in 7 days for suture removal--the vet uses that kind on the more active breeds because he says they hold better. I quit using the leash last night because he wouldn't poop. We always go outside with him anyway, so we are keeping a very watchful eye on him.

I read the other thread where someone's pup was given a cone to wear...Zavie doesn't have one of those. He tries to lick every so often, but i just make a loud noise to distract him and he stops. Like i said, he's pretty much trying to be back to normal--but i'm doing my best to keep him somewhat calm.

The blood work they did on him beforehand all came back normal.

Thanks to everyone for caring,,,only animal people really get it.....lolol

Linda and Zavie
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