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update on porsche

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well thought i would update everyone on how Porsche was doing.
She an overweight doberman cross. well since having her for only 2 weeks she has already lost weight. she off to the vets this coming week to figure out how much she weighs and see about getting her in soon, sadly the vet i usually use one lady is away so cant really get her in right away but at least i can get her weight checked. But might see about the vet that's about 20mins or less from my house. But the vet did say it doesn't sound like a thyroid issue if she is losing weight from when i got her.
also her walks are getting longer each day.
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Glad it does not seem to be a thyroid issue. Abbylynn is a Dobie/Rott ... and I must watch her food intake also. She seems to gain so easily. She was up to 65 pounds last vet visit ... been on a diet since then. She is not super over weight ... but a little chubby starting around the middle. We will see if her diet is working this next week when she goes back for her 3 year Rabies vacc. :) I think 55-60 she looks good at.
Lol! Thanks for the warning! Abbylynn is only approximately 15 or 16 months old. :) I hope she fills out in all the " right " places! :)
Lol! Abbylynn has Doberman legs and a Rotties body! Her face is a cross between the two! :)
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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