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Update on Pikeville, KY Shelter Collapse

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Pictures here:


They still need help.

Email plea:
"This shelter in Pikesville Kentucky collapsed and there are animals in standing water. A volunteer from Harrisburg area has agreed to transport emergency supplies. A mine behind the shelter filled with water and collapsed, inundating all the shelter buildings. I spoke to Jane, the rescue coordinator, this a.m. and she needs:

1. Crates
2. Collars
3. Leashes
4. Dog and cat shampoo
5. Flea treatment
6. Towels
7. Cleaning supplies
8. Animal food of all kinds
9. Veterinary supplies
And so on... Everything is gone.

The shelter is probably being condemned today and animals where scooped up by people in the town who are now finding that they can no longer keep the pets for some reason or another.There is nowhere to put them, other than the one shed with standing water. Jane is trying to get PetSmart to donate crates because she has nowhere to put the returning animals.

If anyone can foster one of these animals, the volunteer will bring it back, but they need to be flexible in that we will not know what is in need till we get there. So, a general description - such as cat, kittens, small dog, medium dog, large dog is all we can accept as far as being specific about an animal. The volunteer will try to assess temperment and make sure they are able to be housed in a regular home.

Thanks for your assistance and hopefully these animals can be helped!

Jane - 606-432-3352 and cell: 606-794-3353
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Bumping this up :)
I wish I could help... maybe if they still need help in a few weeks when I get home from school I can foster a dog or something...
Anyone wishing to donate any supplies can send a package to:

Pike County Humane Society
PO Box 2245
Pikeville, KY 41502
Getting some things together tonight.. Im going to see if the lil mom and pop feed stores around here will donate to this cause in the morning. I am almost positive I can get a few of them to help out.... real nice dog people.
That's great V! I'm getting a box together too.
Bumping this up..

I visited 2 feed stores today K... both said they will see what they can do..I will check next week for updates..
That's fantastic V!!! I'm sure the shelter and the animals inparticular will appreciate it. :D
Vonnie that is so nice of you. I am certain they are still in need. A lot of people do not understand the gravity of such a thing. The need continues for quite some time. I hope they are getting a lot of help. I sure wish I was closer, I would be there helping with clean up too.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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