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Update on Lucy ...

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Lucy seems to be a Fox terrier ... per vet ( as the vet chuckled )... as she is too tall and long faced to be a Russel. :)

Did the blood test ... She is in good health and heartworm " Negative! " ... Yeeeaaa!!!

We have antibiotics for her skin from the flea infestation and when we go back in two weeks for her booster shots ... if it has not improved we will do allergy testing.

I just put revolution on her.

She is showing her hunting instincts and has amazing night vision! She went after a cat last night ... this morning it was the birds she wanted. She is my kind of girl for sure! :) I will not allow her to hurt any varmints though.

I can hardly wait to see what surprises she has in store for me once she feels well from her spay. She does a little " Deer Dance " as I call it when the other dogs come near me ... or her. She also shows her teeth, what she has left ... when Abbylynn comes too close to me ... will have to work on that one!

She is only 3 - 5 pounds underweight. I think we can fix that! :) She has gained .8 of a pound in two days. She should weigh around 20 pounds or so to be at a healthy weight. She weighs 17.8 pounds today. Vet says she has a nice tuck-up. :) She is also nice and tall on her well rounded foot pads.

Now ... she just needs some hair to grow back on her tail! Lol! :)
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It's going to be fun to hear about Lucy as she becomes more accustomed to her new station in life. I had a Wire Fox Terrier growing up (I was ages 10-29), and I have Aidan now, and terriers keep life interesting! Aidan is the funniest dog I've ever met. He is also the most exasperating, usually when I'm tired and he is not. I'm getting better at predicting what he'll do next, so I can prevent some of his mischief.

Aidan has recently discovered that the most fun way around the living room is leaping from one piece of furniture to the next. He's developed an elaborate routine -- he can go forward and backward without injuring himself. Every day, Aidan thinks up at least one new thing, usually at night when I am tired and he is not. It works for him because he jump-starts me, no matter how late it is.
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