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So, here's the latest on Rosie, the severely skin issued foster dachshund.

I took her back to the vet last Friday (1 week ago today) to be seen again, because her skin was starting to bleed in places from being so raw. He examined her closely, said that he felt maybe with its distribution (the hairloss and scabbing) that it wasn't allergies after all. He did a total of 6 skin scrapes over different areas of her body, and came back with nothing. Then he plucked hair and skin scab samples from 4 different areas of her body, and stuck them in a tube of solution to grow. He said in 7 days, if it was a fungus or a yeast infection, we'd know it. In the meantime, he started her on Malaseb baths once every other day, and the anti-fungal medication Ketoconazole, 200mg's 2x daily.

I talked with him this morning, and he didn't sound happy. He said nothing has grown in the tube, and he should've seen the beginnings of growth by now. He said the maximum is 10 days (you typically grow the sample 7-10 days), and 10 days will be Monday. He has doubts that anything will sprout over the weekend, so he wants me to bring her back in on Monday morning to discuss further options. In the meantime, she is looking worse anyways, and not better, so he said he's ready to persue other options. She's having weight loss issues, more like anorexia issues, and the breeder that had her confirmed to me that she's BEEN like this (anorexic, despite good appetite). With this, the vet is now suspecting a thyroid issue, and said we are going to start things off by testing her thyroid. If that comes back negative, we'll go from there.

That's all the updating for now! I'm sick as a dog (pardon the pun), and I'm gonna crawl back into bed now.

Rosie says Hi.

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