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Bentley is great at heeling on lead. And when told to go to a heel he is really good also(sometimes stops to far back or to far forward but we are working on it). I was doing some training earlier and decided to try off-lead heeling. I put him in a sit and un-clipped the leash I said heel and he sat there thinking about it. I said Bentley,heel! and he slowly came up to my side I praised and started walking. he seemed to lag behind. He was walking further back then he usually does. When I turned left he was okay but when I turned right he made really wide turns then coming back into a heel,again lagging behind. I then decided to do some recall off-lead. I put him in a down and stay. When I said come he sat right in-front of me like he was supposed to( he had to think for a minute though). When I said "to heel" he had the look of "what is that command??" Again i said Bentley "to heel" and same thing again, he didn't move. So I clipped the leash on and said it. He went right into a perfect heel.

I do not tug the leash I keep it loose when I say commands so why is he unsure off-lead? I then did heeling on-lead again and he was fine with left and right turns and staying right by me, not lagging or making to wide of turns. Am i maybe taking things a little to fast?

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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