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Unsold puppies

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Hi everyone! I am in the process of getting a puppy for my girls and I’m kinda stuck going with an Amish breeder in PA. my daughter has sensory issues and I’m afraid to bring a dog the home from a Rescue

I have researched what to look for when our comes to puppy mills and all the warning signs are not there.

my wife and I went looking for pups last weekend. One we went to look at just didn’t strike our fancy. I’m sure this pup will find a forever home, but what happens to pups on Amish farms that aren’t sold?
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A puppy coming from a puppy mill where it's not been properly socialized may have more issues than a rescue dog. So take your time , look for a decent breeder there is no excuse to support the continued suffering that is puppy mills.
PLease read before buying from the Amish. They may seem cute cuddely God loving people but behind the scenes they have little love for the animals they breed. When you buy from them you are not rescuing you actually ADD to the problem of bad practice.

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