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unneutered male with spayed female

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I have a 10wk old male staffordshire bull terrier. I'm trying to get a rat terrier puppy and I'm deciding whether it would be better to get a male or female. We are not getting the staffie neutered because we're breeding him, but the other dog will be. So... which is better?
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First of all, please make sure you do extensive health testing on your male terrier before you even consider breeding him. Also, work with a good mentor as well. That being said as long as the other dog is s/n I don't think it matters.
Given the scrappiness normal to the terrier breeds, I would suggest a female.

THAT SAID, are you OUT OF YOUR EVER LOVIN' MIND? :p Two puppies at once, neither noted for being breeds that need little training?
Why are you breeding the Staffordshire Bull Terrier? Please tell me you have some plans to show or work him, plan to health test and not breed him before he's two. Oh and also to work with a breed mentor.

I, too, would suggest a female JRT, though.
What happened to the Chihuahua pup you got a few days ago?

Are you planing on get the potential rat terrier pup fixed? Having an intact male, with another male fixed or intact, and adding in a female fixed or intact is just a disaster waiting to happen. Esspecialy with a young fairly new dog owner. Perhaps you should take the time to enjoy the pup(s) that you have now before adding more to the mix. They're only young once and it goes by faster then you could ever want it to.

Also curious to find out how you determined that a 10 week old pup, that you've only had 2 weeks, is breeding quality?
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