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Unknown rash on king shepherd

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I have an 8month old female king shepherd that has recently developed quite the rash. I initially took her to the vet about a week ago for sores and bumps on the pads of her paws. She was prescribed an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory medication that she was on for a little over a week. Her rash has developed further and she is losing quite a lot of fur. We have put a cone on her so that she cannot lick or bite the affected areas. I am unsure what could be causing this as the vet believed it was from swimming at the beach. Since talking the medications everything has gotten worse. Her skin is no longer red and irritated but she is still consistently losing hair.

If anyone has any ideas of what this may be please let me know.

I have attached pictures to help show what I’m describing


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Have you informed your vet that the rash is getting worse?

If you did inform your vet that the rash is getting worse and they did not do anything, I would suggest a second opinion from a different vet. I would discuss the possibility of allergies.
I agree with Lillith.

Also, if your regular vet(s) is stumped, ask for a referral to a veterinary dermatologist.
We are unfortunately located in a town that only has one vet that is barely open so we have an appointment with a different vet for when we travel to the bigger city.

Any idea of what it would be an allergy to? We haven’t switched foods at all.
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