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Altho he really is.... He's not a jerk... He's someone who can't sleep b/c someone's dogs are barking and he's very frustrated. If you have the patience and compassion (as well as a handy baseball bat and a shotgun, in case he is unreasonable), then you might apologize that he can't sleep and invite him to come over to your door when the dogs are barking... Try not to argue with him, even though his irrational goal is to drag you down - Never wrestle with a pig, you both get muddy and the pig likes it - but when he comes over, banging on your door in the middle of the night, let him rant and ask him where he heard the dogs. Then, hide the bat where he can't see it and see if you both can locate the dogs.

If you do locate the dogs, he will be a little embarrassed and a little grateful... Then, he is no longer your problem.

However, if I read this wrong and your dogs are barking at him for 5 minutes, then I believe that they are doing their job, barking at prowlers. If this is the case, then he is "stalking" you, which is against the law in all states. You can call the police during the day and talk them into encouraging him to stop (the next time you catch him). Or you can press charges.

Although your dogs (or whatever dogs) may be a nuisance, even in a quiet area, ... most counties don't push the issue when a dog is barking at strangers. However, a prowler that threatens you represents a potential danger that most police take very, very seriously.

One scenario or something in between may fit your situation... unless you live in a very dangerous neighborhood with lots of gang traffic.
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