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Unfurnished Bernadoodle?

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Has anyone heard of such a dog? After spending loads of money looking for a tri-color Bernadoodle our baby boy is growing up (and shedding) and looking more like a tall and awkward hound dog with Bernese Markings, short hair and no curls.
The more research I do the more I learn about genes and incomplete coats the more I feel cheated we were sold something different than what we asked for.

And, the vet confirmed our dog has fur and will be hypoallergenic which is a big deal with one of our children.

Is this common with Bernadoodle breeds to get a unfurnished one?
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^^What LeoRose said. Seems to me that all designer breeders want to include a poodle in the mix, I suspect because I keep hearing how the poodle coat is non-shedding and hypo-allergenic. There are no guarantees with mixed breed dogs. Even good purebred puppies are sold as pet quality because they do not meet the breed standard.

Seriously, we adopted a rescue dog years ago and never knew what breed she was until a pomeranian breeder at a dog show asked us who our dog's breeder was. Our dog looked nothing like the pomeranians that we saw at AKC dog shows. Ours was parti-colored, long flat coat not fluffy, 15 pounds instead of the usual little 5 pounders we were used to seeing. She only came along to dog shows with us to keep our papillons company. The breeder explained that poms were bred out of Siberian breeds and a lot of breeders have had a "throw back" if they have been breeding long enough. But we had her genetically tested and sure enough she was 100% pomeranian.

Life is like a box of chocolates, even in purebreds. There is no standard for a mixed breed dog of uncertain origin. If a tri-colored coat is a coveted quality, that could easily come from a hound breed or a Swiss mountain dog which are all short haired breeds.
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