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Unfurnished Bernadoodle?

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Has anyone heard of such a dog? After spending loads of money looking for a tri-color Bernadoodle our baby boy is growing up (and shedding) and looking more like a tall and awkward hound dog with Bernese Markings, short hair and no curls.
The more research I do the more I learn about genes and incomplete coats the more I feel cheated we were sold something different than what we asked for.

And, the vet confirmed our dog has fur and will be hypoallergenic which is a big deal with one of our children.

Is this common with Bernadoodle breeds to get a unfurnished one?
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this is sadly the downfall of designer dogs you have no idea which one of the two parents the dog will take after if in fact the parents were actually pure bred dogs and note, most breeders will not use their purebred dogs to make what is essentially a mongrel.
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