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So Jubel had his first play date with my neighbors recently adopted rottie mix Holly. They met a few weeks ago for the first time and Jubel ended up with a small wound on his chest from them trying to get at each other to play and eventually getting frustrated and snapping at each other.

Since then we've walked together a few more times and they'd been calmer even hanging out laying in the grass together at the park. Yesterday their older dog Lucy had her second ACL (I know it has another name for dogs but I can never remember it) surgery on her other back leg. First leg was done a little over a year ago. We figured now was a good time to try a play date with Jubel and Holly because if it went well it'd be a good outlet for Holly while Lucy recovers from her operation. Plus they are my dog sitters on occasion and that would end if Holly and Jubel ended up revving each other up too much in play.

So we met up and went for the afternoon walk together then back to my house to see how they played together. We went down to the basement where I have the most open space as it's been raining the majority of the last two days making my backyard a messy option. There are balls, squeaky toys, nylabones, and antlers all over the basement that Jubel ignores 85% of the time. Holly on the other hand was just excited to be in a new house and play with new toys she hardly paid any attention to Jubel. Jubel seeing someone else interested in his toys has renewed interested, but the greatest thing to him was my neighbor himself in our house. Jubel LOVES both the husband and wife so was focused on play with him and whatever toy Holly just dropped.

We tossed some toys to get them running around and both chased the toy with no snarking over who got it first just happy dogs co-existing but no real play between them. Eventually I picked up all the toys/chews to see if they'd interact then. Holly just found some toys I'd missed under the couch and fell in loved with the ultra chuck-it ball.

We were all set for wrestling dogs and the possibility of them getting too rough and all we got where two dogs just chilling and doing their own things haha. It might be because my AC is out at the moment (getting fixed this morning) and even in the basement it was in the mid to upper 70s and they thought it was too warm. We'll try again soon without all the toy/chew distractions around and see how it goes. Just kinda funny out of all the outcomes we thought might happen what actually happened never crossed out minds before hand. Not a bad thing just unexpected.
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