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My 2 Poms Aoki and Coco are 6 month old siblings, doing very well, training has been great so far.

I did purchase them from an older couple that had one litter, the dogs were 2 years old. I spent time with them before I decided to purchase. They are AKC registered..... I did a great deal of homework before I jumped into this accept I did not come across the underbite issue until I took them to the vet for shots and he noticed it. He mentioned it shouldnt be a problem unless you wanted to breed them which I am not!

Coco has been neutered and Aoki unfortunatly is in heat now but she will be spayed by next month.............Anyways does anyone have any experience with this? Any recommendations?

Not that this is real relevent but in case anyone is curious I paid 700.00 for both.

I love them period and fell in love so it doesnt matter at the end of the day just so long as they get the care they need.
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If it doesn't affect their ability to eat, it's no big deal.
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