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I found someone I know and she wants my uncles dog Charlie. She had Charlies brother, Blitz, and Blitz was hit and killed. She contacted me saying she knows Blitz was an individual dog and all dogs are different but if one of his litter mates needed a new home she would take them. I contacted her last night and as soon as I told her she broke down in tears. She was so happy. I sent her pics of Charlie and he looks just like Blitz except Charlie has brown spots and Blitz,black. They even have similar characteristics. She was supposed to pick up Charlie today but couldn't because of vehicle issues. So Charlie is staying with me tonight and will go to his new home tomorrow. I will be able to see Charlie whenever I want(my uncle to, of-course) and I really like that. now just for tomorrow to come!!
P.S if she couldnt have taken him, yes I would have taken Charlie back.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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