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Let me first tell you a little story about Soro (the black dog, for those who don't know). A year or so ago I boarded my friend's young, medium, very submissive female (the kind of dog Soro really gets along with). This is a dog he's met multiple times, hiked with, and generally gets along with in a very neutral way. I placed their beds a few feet apart. Soro, lying on his bed, growled at the female for approaching her own bed. That's Soro in a nutshell. Not to mention, the few times he's punctured dogs over resources and that he guards from people too.

So this moment is significant

So is the fact that a couple nights ago, I was sitting on the floor petting Brae and he rolled in such a way that he was kicking Soro repetitively in the face as Soro was chewing on a goat horn. I was horrified at first. But Soro didn't even stiffen, let alone growl. He just kept chewing.

And, as some may know, they play all the time now and even play tug with each other. Soro usually releases the toy and goes for the other dog, but not with Brae!

I will still never leave them loose unsupervised. But I've lived with a possessive, selective dog for a decade now and I never, ever, expected Soro to be this tolerant of a large - soon to be larger - unaltered male sharing his space. It is SO different having a house with two dogs who get along on a basic level. It's like my eyes have been opened up to why people have more than one dog at a time.

Anyways, Soro is a good boy. Gooder than I ever gave him credit for :D
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