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Ugh... No More Kirkland!!

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Ok, so since I got laid off I haven't been able to really afford much as far as dog food is concerned, so I had to go back on Kirkland for the second time. Well, my dogs went back to having the same soft stools they had before on it, and started shedding like crazy again. I went out a couple days ago shopping for another affordable dog food, but with better ingredients this time, and chose Fromm Adult Gold.

I wasn't planning on switching until the Kirkland was almost gone, but this morning was the last straw. Shippo went out and had another soft stool, and got poop stuck all over his butt feathering! UGH! So I just got back from getting the Fromm and will be switching them ASAP. NO MORE KIRKLAND EVER!!!
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Bumper. It sucks when you can't get their body to agree with certain foods :( Then you have to search what they can eat not only that but affordable!
I hear you on that one. My puppy has loose stools on Kirkland as well. Tried switching her food and as soon as I introduce the new one she starts itching on her belly and legs. So now I'm finishing the Kirkland while I look for another food that might work. Poor puppies with sensitive tummies :(
Ugh it sucks running low on money :( I've been having the same problem. I work at a pet supplies store so I get my stuff at cost plus 10 but food doesn't get marked up very much. I switched Bentley to Chicken Soup because of its price and so far so good. I hope the Fromms works for you. It seems to be a great food...its really popular at my store.
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