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That sounds fine to me. If it helps, here's our typical work week schedule:

5:30am: Wake up, let dog out (we have a fenced yard) while I use the bathroom/put in contacts/wash face
6:00am: Go out for a walk. Sometimes there are training sessions with said walk, mostly basic obedience stuff to keep fresh
6:30am: Get back from walk, feed dog, he eats from his puzzle toys while I get ready, then generally hangs out until his last potty break.
7:20am: Let dog out for last potty break
7:35am: Dog goes in crate, I leave for work.

4:40pm: My husband returns from work and lets dog out.
5:30pm: I get home, change, take dog for walk/play in the yard/train/whatever
6:30pm: We go inside and dog gets fed, I make dinner for humans.

That's it. After that, we hang out in the house, and he typically takes his last potty break at 10:00 when we go to bed. We have a fenced yard, so I typically just let him out whenever he asks and he stays out there for however long he wants. He will sometimes bring us toys to hold while he bites them/or throw them so he can chase them. My dog is also an adult, so he gets quite a bit more free unsupervised time in the house and outside than a puppy. Also, one day a week we have an hour long agility class which takes the place of that day's walk.

So yes, crating your dog while you do life stuff is fine. Little puppies can probably go 2-4 hours in a crate, but obviously as they get older they can hold it for a full work day. Puppies will need many more potty breaks than an adult, so like every 20-30 minutes when active and awake.
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