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Right now we are at the precipice of what can only be called the beginning of the end for Freedom in America. The Humane Society of the United States is taking the lead of the long considered nutjobs at PETA in helping to try and abolish hunting, fishing, meat eating, farming etc.

The HSUS is in a long battle right now trying to take down innocent dog breeders and passing laws which are said to stop puppy mills but actually seek out "all dog breeders." They are dividing and conquering!

Right now it's dog breeders and owners but they are already laying the grounds for the elimination of hunting fishing and farming.


Texas Dog Owners – your dogs need you NOW!

These bills have been introduced:

•SB 634 -- Eliminates any legally acceptable means of tethering and requires a minimum kennel size of 150 SF per dog,.

•HB 458 – Allows your county to limit the number of dogs you may legally own, even if you live in an unincorporated area with no deed restrictions.

•SB 554 – Defines many common items as dog-fighting paraphernalia.

HB 925 –Defines a “pit bull” as dangerous enough to prohibit minors from caring for them. This is a breed-specific bill http://lsspbc.com/blog/2009/02/06/oppose-hb-925-bsl-concerning-minors/ (Pit Bull is an AST, APBT, SBT or any mix that has distinguishing characteristics of those breeds)

.…..and at press time, these bills are being lobbied but are not yet introduced:

•Allowing cities and counties in Texas to pass breed-specific legislation. (TX like FL and CO have laws prohibiting BSL, not that it always means anything)
These cities have passed resolutions stating that they want to be able to ban or restrict certain dog breeds when the state allows them to do so: Frisco, Watauga, Garland, Mesquite, DeSoto, Duncanville, Cedar Hill. In the last two sessions, Houston has tried to pass a state law that would allow Houston and/or Harris County to have BSL. In 2007, Madisonville had passed illegal BSL but removed it. Fort Worth, San Antonio and Hidalgo all have indicated to the news media that they are thinking about passing BSL if state law allows.

•Commercial kennel regulations that include hobby breeders. We have heard of numbers as low as four intact bitches (whether being bred or not).

We are also helping to introduce a bill that allows citizens to appeal seizures in animal cruelty cases. Currently, people are at the mercy of incompetent or biased justices with no right to appeal.

The session only lasts until June 1, so the fight is on NOW.

For the latest on Texas legislation that affects you and how to get involved:

or call (570) 796-6641

All Texans need to call, write, fax and visit our legislators but unfortunately, this is not enough! It costs money to hire lobbyists to advocate for us in Austin.
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