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Two Week Old Puppies

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Ok don't lay into me, I do not own the mother nor did I buy these two boys ;) There was an ad in Craigslist. The woman's dog had a litter of twelve rott, pit mix puppies who was refusing to nurse them after two or three days. The woman posted the ad asking for help as she worked full time and had kids, couldn't handle bottlefeeding the pups. I have taken two little boys, will foster them and find them GOOD, responsible homes when they are at least 8 weeks. Since I have 4 dogs of my own I don't have the room to keep these guys. I just enjoy taking care of wee ones and finding them their forever families.

I have cared for orphaned kittens, squirrels, raccoons, and opossums. So I do have experience with bottle feeding, just never with puppies. I have been reading tons and they are doing quite well so far. Only had them since last night though. They are eating, peeing and pooping. Adorable little yips and cries.

I have them set up in a box for now, soft blankets and a heating pad under 1/2. A stuffed animal to cuddle with. They eat every 2-3 hours. One is much needier and seems to need lots of cuddles, the other is much more laid back. Likes cuddles but doesn't seem to need them *as* much. We have a large plastic kennel that we don't use for when they are older. Also will be purchasing an X Pen.

They will be seeing our vet on Monday to get a clean bill of health. I have 4 dogs of my own and for now they are separated from them. I do plan on my guys helping teach doggy manners and be good for socialization, but at what age should I start this?

Also I am feeding Esibilac but have seen other recipes for homemade puppy formula's. Anyone have any experience or prefer one over the other?

I will post pics in a bit it is almost feeding time again so after they eat I will try to get them up. I know, I shouldn't post without any pics lol

I'm sure I have forgotten something to ask or some info on what we are already doing. Being up for an hr every two hours fries my brain a little :) I do enjoy it though. Any advice or suggestions is very welcomed!

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I would put them with your calmest, most trusted dog asap. Other than that, I am clueless.:eek:
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