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Two week old puppies won't stop crying, please help!

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Hi all,

I have some foster puppies from our humane society. Their mother died two days ago, I picked them up yesterday. Have fostered tons of tiny orphaned kittens but these are my first tiny puppies and they will. not. stop. crying.

They have already been to the vet this AM. She does not think they're sick. They weren't crying as much this morning, but now it is constant, for at least the last 1-2 hours, like someone is killing them. I've tried feeding them. They cry more when I try to feed them. One at quite a lot-- maybe 30 ml-- earlier this afternoon and then it all came back up again at once. They both wriggle and cry when I try feeding. I have tried four different bottles, thinking that maybe the opening was the wrong size. I am feeding a mixture that the humane society told me to use. The vet gave me an appetite stimulant for them (because they weren't eating at all before), but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

They are warm (hot water bottle) and they have space to get away from it if they get too hot.

I've tried calling the staff from the humane society but their phone is off.

Any advice? I'm worried about the puppies, and I'm also worried about getting evicted...
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How sad! What happens if you cuddle them? Definitely contact the neighbors and let them know what is going on. The sound probably isn't as loud as you fear but it could be disturbing.
Could try a piece of cloth soaked with the feeding mixture and kind of squeeze it into their mouth and then let them suck on it; it might help them get used to a bottle.
Try the sponge feeding method.

Have you provided them enough warmth? Maybe they miss the fur of their mother? Try putting other stuffed toys near them. As for the feeding, try it with sponge or wet cloth.
Make sure where you keep then is ambient temperature of 85 degrees.
I prefer to syringe feed while they are small and then switch to playtex vent air when they get older.

The puppy ate 30ml how much does the puppy weigh? Over feeding will cause them to spit it up.
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