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I have a 30 lb beagle-basset mix (10 y/o female). I am considering adopting a senior dachsund (10 y/o, male). Both fixed. Do you have any thoughts or advice?

My main concerns are:

- My beagle mix getting along with other dogs: I had a 50# pitbull foster (3 y/o female) who my beagle mix did NOT like. My beagle mix showed food aggression when the other dog came around her bowl, which I dealt with by feeding them separately. That was manageable. Eventually, though, my beagle mix would just get this look in her eye and get angry at the pit (seemingly) out of nowhere. However, my beagle mix's foster mom from before I got her said she had a small, 10# male dog that my beagle mix got along well with. Have any of you had success keeping a female who has a past of not getting along with other female dogs, with a smaller male dog? She does just fine with cats, btw.

- How difficult it is to have two dogs. I felt a little overwhelmed when I had the foster for those 2 months, but it was mostly because I didn't have the time or space to dedicate to her energy levels. And, there was the fighting, of course. With a 10 y/o doxie, it might be different. I have a pretty laidback life and am able to come home at lunchtime and let the dogs out, so I'm not too worried about that. But, I just wanted to know... What's it like having two dogs? Is it easier when the dogs are not big, fat, energetic pitbulls? Hah!

Any thoughts or opinions you want to share is appreciated!
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