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I've read a few training articles and sometimes they say ignore or turn off affection as a form of negative punishment if your dog is doing something you don't like, like biting (for puppies). I don't think that works at all on my puppy, because if I ignore him, he just goes and entertains himself
That's only half of the correction. Turning away says, "I don't like that...and I'm not going to play with you (if you bite or jump etc.".
Dogs are pretty good at understanding that but, you must very quickly praise any good behavior.

For example, he stops biting and is standing there quietly in shock that you rebuffed him...you must immediately praise any good, quiet behavior.
If you continue to stand there with your back to him you're rebuffing him for the good/non-biting behavior...why?...he stopped the biting!. he must be rewarded. You left him with no option but to walk away from you and now he's confused to boot.
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