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Tuffy Brand Toy- Engineer Review
Matt Ruggiero, Owner of Penny's Choice
Test range- 4/28/15-6/1/15

Please see our review of the plush/squeaker toy brand, Tuffy's Toys. We have an extremely aggressive chewer (Collie) who destroys any stuffed toys, and loves to get straight to the squeaker. We had an incident where we had to take her to the vet after she ripped an arm off of a Pet Smart monkey, so after that we decided no more low quality toys.

Our vet recommended Tuffy's, and we're glad he did! After a few weeks or trials we added them to the store because of how amazing they really are.

Here are some pros and cons for you to consider:


-Very durable construction, heavy duty stitching around length of toy
-Mesh fabric on main body, teeth do not seem to penetrate it
-Pre-determined “Tuffness” scale for easy product identification/expectation
-Toy is tested on TIGERS!
-Squeakers safe in a “squeaker pocket”
-Dog seems to enjoy playing fetch with toy
-Dog enjoys playing tug of war with toy
-Company offers a range of toys for small to large dogs
-Colorful, fun designs
-Floats in water, machine washable
-Plush, soft on guns and no sharp edges or plastic
-Most toys lasted a long time- almost a month.
-Made in the USA from a reputable manufacturer

Figure 1- Toy removed from testing after some damage to the stitching after 25 days.


-Dog working on “stitching joints” and was able to loosen stitching after 5 days on -bone toy, unable to get stitching free on other shape toys
-Loud squeakers
-Higher cost than Pet Smart plush toys (average $20, large toys $30 or $40)
-Some toys have hard to squeak squeakers, since they are padded
-Animal shaped toys have ears, tusks, eyes, etc...places of focus of the dog. This must be the reason that they are ranked 8 on the scale. Avoid animal toys if you have a truly destructive dog.

Play Choice Selection
In our time share testing, we tried the Tuffy Mega Ring, Bone, Giraffe, Octopus, Gear, and Starfish. The Pet Smart testing used a stuffed squirrel, a duck toy, a squeaker monkey, and an elephant. We removed toys from testing whenever they were deemed hazardous to the dog's health in any way.

Next we let three (3) Pet Smart toys sit out on the floor and three (3) Tuffy toys sit on the floor. We recorded an estimated "Play Selection Ranking" where we took the total viewing time and divided it by how often a toy was selected.

Tuffy Large Toys- 55% (over half of the time she played with the Giraffe!)
Tuffy Small (shape) Toys- 35%
Pet Smart Toy- 10%

The numbers tell the story- one of the Pet Smart toys was chosen immediately, played with for 5 minutes, destroyed, and eliminated. We count this as not being played with for the remainder of the study. Similar occurances happened multiple times during the studies, resulting in high play share times for the Tuffy Brand.

Figure 2- Penny, enjoying her job as Testing Supervisor

I know this is a long post, but if you've made it this far, thanks for reading! We hope this is helpful. We have more reviews on our site if you're curious what else we've worked on.

We have a promotion going on throughout June for 10% off ANY order, so get a Tuffy toy for your aggressive chewer!! And as always, any orders over $50 get free shipping! Click HERE to head over and check our toys out! We only offer the toys that "made the cut".

Happy Chewing!
Matt and Penny
Penny's Choice
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