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Trying to pick a vet

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Hey everyone,

I'm trying to find a vet for my new pup. I'm wondering if anyone uses the Banfield Hospital. There's one at my local petsmart, and it seems that have a great plan that's really affordable, but I feel like I'd be taking my pup to the "walmart" or vets. I know private vets are alot more expensive. any advice? He really just needs a check up and his next sets of boosters.

Thanks for any advice you can give.


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If you're feeling like you're talking the dog to Walmart, then you probably should have a regular vet. How old is your dog, don't you have a vet now? You said he/she just needs a checkup and vaccs but you never know what your dog will need a vet for, find one that you're comfortable with. If it's Banfield, then that's fine.
He's 11 weeks and I'm getting him on Thursday. All i meant was that's what he needs for his first visit next week.

I got a couple messages that convinced me not to go with banfield. Prolly gonna go with a local pet hospital I know of. thanks everyone.
oh, this is a puppy you don't even have yet! I hope someone here has the link but there is a new vaccine protocol, maybe if you look at the other forums, such as the health one, the link will be there. You do not want to overvaccinate your dog, you want to space out the vaccines and not do the "all in one's". Call around to vets, starting now, and find a vet that does not push yearly vaccines, unless your state has to do yearly's, per law.
First I want to thank everyone for all their input. It means alot to a first time owner who's trying to do the right thing.

I went ahead and made an appoint with a local animal clinic. However, their microchip costs alot more than Banfield and there's like an activation fee every 3 years or something. Banfield is alot cheaper and it's a forever charge ($60 + $15/3 years vs $30 one time). Does it make sense (financially and pet wise) to get his boosters and check up at one and his microchip at another? Think it's going to matter? They told me they have to put him under to do the chip, which makes me nervouse, but if that's normal than ok. I feel as long as the important care is done at a vet i trust.... but i'd like some input if you have some.

Thanks again,


They don't put dogs under to microchip them! I've had many a dog chipped, couple parrots too and the activation fee is forever. My vote is to find a good vet and then worry bout the chip. Do a google searches for microchip companies, find one that is forever and then find a place in your area that does them.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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