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Hello Rescue Friends!
We recused one of our Dog's from Korea. Bringing her over we didn't realize that she was extremely shy and very fearful. She was slated to be put to sleep unless someone could take her, so we did and flew her over. She lives outside, we have been working with her for a year and have made significant improvements.
She will follow me around, take treats and has just started to greet me with tail wags and licking my fingers.
The slightest thing will set her back so we really have to be careful.
She needs to see the vet, I think she has anal gland issues.
How and what would be the best way to accomplish this?? My perfect scenario would be to heavily sedate her and bring her in. Has anyone had any experience like this?? Is this even possible?? I absolutely do not want to traumatize her and ruin a years worth of work.
I'm just waiting to hear back from our Veterinarian on this, but wanted to see if anyone else had success in doing something like this.
Thank you
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