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As always, consult a vet. If the vet doesnt support a raw or biologicaly appropriate diet, find one. I did.
I am a dog walker and pet sitter, I come across many different types of diets. The raw diet isnt a fad. Its appropriate for them. Kibble and canned food is a fad. Its only been around since a bit before WWl. The digestive tracts are shorter and cant really handle grains and fruit and veggies. However, when in the wild, they eat the contents of stomach of their prey. Also, cats and dogs are a tad different. Cats need taurine found in dark meat. Especially hearts. Dogs need a tad more vitamin C. Which is in the stomach of whatever animal they are eating. And yes, the pre made "raw" diets have a lot of stuff in them that the animals dont need. So you need organs, muscle, bones and a tad of ground up slightly fermented vegies and fruit. Please look up the list of foods your dog and/or cat CAN NOT have. Please dont forget brains. LOL This is one thing I have trouble finding. If I remember correctly, the vet says brains have vit b12. If youre not comfy with brains, ask your vet about a supplement. The general rule of thumb, and once again ask your vet, they should be eating daily 10% of their weight for the first year, 6 months for small dogs(split the food into 3 meals for a small dog and 2 meals for a large dog. It has to do with metabolism). Then reduce it to 3% there after. Sometimes a dog will let you know if they are eating too much when they dont finish all of their food or if they go bury it. Let them bury it for later. Vitamins.
Two books I have read are ..
Raw Dog Food: Make It Easy For Your Dog By Carina Beth MacDonald--Very basic and to the point, short
Raw & Natural Nutrition For Dogs By Lew Olson, PhD---This one is more in depth, more information
As always, consult a veterinarian, if you are not happy with what your veterinarian says or doesnt say, get a second opinion. Or find a veterinarian that has knowledge and/or supports a raw or biologically appropriate diet.
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