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Hi there! So I'm going to try to make this as short as I possibly can but... It will probably still end up being long and drawn out lol.. I have two Boston Terrier pups, one is a puppy, the other is a juvenile. Their health is of the utmost importance to me, and food is especially important for obvious reasons. They both have been on a raw BARF diet since I got them as puppies. I actually work for a "high end" pet store, and I enjoy learning about pet health, the production of pet food, etc. Raw food is obviously the trend, but as I've been researching most pre-made dog foods are not they're cracked up to be. I've learned that the raw diet is all about balance and ratios. I've read many articles stating that raw companies are charging the big bucks labeling their food as raw but their formula is mostly vegetables/fruits, which brings the cost of production down so they're making more money. I've read that essentially dogs don't even need fruits and vegetables, and because it is hard for their bodies to break them down if you wanted to feed fruits or vegetables to them they should be fermented so the first part of the digestion process has been started so it's easier on their digestive tract. I'm honestly just trying to find the facts... I want my dogs to be on a biologically appropriate, healthy nutritious diet. That is all I'm asking as a dog mom, and it's been incredibly hard for me to find the truth. Working in the pet food industry, you're fed lies left and right. I've been reading a lot about the Prey Model diet and it seems like more of a fit, but I have a full time job, I'm currently interning, and I go to college. Like I said, I want to provide the best for them, but I have essentially no free time to do the preparation required. I'd still love anyone's input who does the Prey Model diet, and if anyone knows a pre-packaged Prey Model food? Or atleast a BARF formula that is considered to be more balanced compared to the others? Also, if anyone has experience doing the Prey Model diet who is located in Kansas City, MO. I know of only one company (although I've heard of people using their local butcher) who delivers whole prey out here called My Pet Carnivore, if you know anywhere locally please let me know! Thanks for all the help!! :wave:
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