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I am also an interning college student working full time. I feed my dog franken-prey model raw :) I agree with you that a lot of the premade raws have unnecessary and useless ingredients. As far as finding a better one, that just requires researching different brands and their ingredients.

I think you are on the right track - it just takes a lot of research before you can dive on in. I am paranoid so I give my dog a few supplements and vitamins and have his bloodwork done twice a year (I blood test for heartworm twice yearly instead of giving him the preventative) to make sure everything is in check.

As far as time goes - I was feeding him home cooked food with some raw meals before I switched totally. I didn't switch until I had a pretty good stash of pre-packaged (by myself) prey model meals stored up in my freezer. That allowed me to 1) not have to worry about prep time or running out of food for a few months and 2) time to refill my stock whenever I had a free day here and there. It can be really tough to stay on top of things, as it does take time to weigh things out. For that reason, I do keep a box of freeze-dried raw around in case I run short one day.

I get my food from grocery stores and butchers, and I've also had great success posting on craigslist asking if anyone has meat they would donate/sell to me for my dogs. I actually got in touch with an organic-grassfed farm who now sells me lots of great bony meals and organs for super cheap that way. I'm not in your area so I can't help much with that aspect of things.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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