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I pretty much do exactly what Kathyy does except I use the FEDIAF minimum and maximum requirements for my dog's size/calorie intake. Basically just what we have in the EU, probably very similar to NRC numbers. The only difference is I don't feed PMR. I think how I feed is probably more closer to "BARF"? So instead of supplements, I add other whole foods that don't come from animals to meet my dog's minimum requirements. Things I add in addition to meat and organs to avoid supplementing are ground pumpkin seeds, ground veggie mix, tripe, egg, goat's milk, and fish. The only thing her diet came short on is Vitamin E and Iodine. For the Iodine, I add kelp to her meals.

Regardless which style of feeding you choose, I highly suggest you look into the minimum requirements established for your size dog and make sure your diet meets those needs. I don't think you can go wrong with raw if you follow that guideline.

As for time needed to make food... well I make my dog's food once a month and it takes me maybe 2 hours. I don't find there's a lot of prep involved besides just separating everything into meals.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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