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Go to dogaware.com, loads of good information and further reading. Perhaps there are some sources there, maybe a coop even.

I feed prey model raw with supplements. I got my dogs' nutrition requirements calculated from the chart in the back of Monica Segal's books and use her analysis of raw meaty bones plus others I've found around the web by entering that information into a nutrition database as a custom food. I use nutritiondata but very likely there are easier ones to use these days. I can change the standard daily requirements to my dogs' needs so when I add my custom raw meaty bone and USDA meat/organ/fish/egg analysis I can see how close the diet comes to NRC numbers. You can imagine all this work was pretty intense and time consuming.

What I came up with is if you feed mostly red meat with the amount of liver and bone suggested the diet is pretty good. Then you add a mineral/vitamin supplement same as kibble manufacturers to to bring it closer to NRC. A raw diet is low in a number of essential nutrients according to the food testing done and recorded in NRC books. Whether that is accurate for a PMR or not, don't know. I did pulse that supplement with my first dog and he definitely was better with it so I've continued using it.

So long as you feed minimal bone, mostly beef and lamb with some pork boneless, half the liver is beef and you can source that other organ you are good to go. I use Kirkland Daily Vitamin and Mineral supplement, grind it and coat the meat with it.

Ginger would like you to know that a whole chicken, feathers, guts and all, is too bony and too feathery. She had concrete poop after polishing off a small laying hen a couple years back. So tossing a variety of whole prey isn't all it is cracked up to be either!
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