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Trying to find a 'corn/grain free' dog food

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My dog Buster has recently developed an allergy to corn and am trying to find a dog food brand with no corn. Even the 'top shelf' dog foods such as Rachel Ray (which he loved), that boasted about having only 'pure ingredients' managed to sneak in corn filler (although on the ingredient list it was listed under another name)

Is there any dog food that has no corn or processed grains? I can't find any
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There is a TON of grain-free foods out there. They aren't in just specialty stores, either. You can get grains-free foods at your local supermarket. If you want something else, I know my local grocery stores carry brands like I and Love and You, Castor & Pollux, and Purina Beyond. If you go to a pet supply store like Petsmart or Petco, there is an even wider selection. Shopping online, through places like Chewy.com gives you even more options.

If he liked the Nutrish and did well on it, why not just switch to one of the Zero Grain formulas?

You said he "recently" developed an allergy to corn? How recent? And are you sure it's corn he's allergic to, and not something in the environment, like pollen or grasses? True food allergies aren't very common in dogs. Has he been allergy tested? If so, what type of testing did you do? The blood and saliva tests aren't always that accurate, so the standard for determining allergies and/or sensitivities is still a strict elimination diet.
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