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Truth or myth about spayed dogs.

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I've always heard that dogs that have puppies than spayed make better dogs than spayed and not having puppies.I want to have mine spayed,she just turned four months.Is this just a myth,or is there any truth to it? Also,when is the right age for dogs,or pups to be spayed? I've always heard 6 months.I heard that dogs that don't have puppies and spayed,it changes their temperment.I don't want that to happen because she has such a sweet temperment.
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Total 100% myth, by spaying your dog BEFORE their first cycle you are taking away so many illnesses that can crop up and can all be prevented by a simple spay. And in all honesty, its much cheaper to spay, cancer costs a fortune to treat, if a bitch has trouble whelping that c-section will also cost money, it may cost her life etc etc...Not saying you are wanting to breed, but it does happen, males can smell a dog in season from pretty far away. They have been known to jump fences, rape a bitch on a wlk with her owner, get nasty etc etc...Its uncomfortable for them to be in heat.
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