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I haven't posted pictures in a while so here you go...the very ridiculous ShaiCrew:

"Webster, have you been eating plants again?"

"Webster, you have plant hanging out of your mouth right now."
"I do? Oh $#*^"

"You can't see nuthin'."


Kim is lounging in the yard, eating grass (my dogs are wanna-be-herbivores) and sniffing the breeze. Ah, life! <3

"Holy hullabaloo, batman! Is that a Chuck-It!?"

Kim flies in from left field and nabs the tennis ball just in time.
"I got it I got it!"

And of course she cannot pass up this opportunity to flaunt it at Mira as she bring it in.
"See what *I* got? It's a tennnnnnnis ball. Bet you wish YOU had a teeeeeennis ball. Butcha don't. Know why? Cuz I have it! Hahahaha!"

So Mira made sure Kim didn't touch another tennis ball for the next hour. And Kim ran after her every time to yell at Mira as she scooped up yet another ball, totally satisfied with this arrangement.

The aftermath......
It take a lot of running to get Mira and Kim all foamy. A lot. But foam looks extra disgusting on a black dog. I think the bit of grass mixed in really takes it up a notch on the Ick-o-meter. My very own Pretty Pretty Princess...lol

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Thanks, all!

What kind of mix is Webster? He is a awesome looking dog. :)
We have no idea. He was written down as a "German Shepherd mix" but (1) he is 20 lbs (2) his build is nothing like a GSD (3) his coat type, ear set, etc. is not at all GSD and (4) his personality is nothing like a GSD and tends heavilytoward terrier

So we guess they just saw the black saddle coloring and said "GSD!" even though many other breeds have that color patterns, such as Beagles, Corgis, Shelties, a huge number of the hounds, Airdales, Yorkies, Silkies, Australian terries, the odd Border Collie, and...well you get the idea lol
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