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My five month old GSD puppy has pretty much had round worm her whole life. When i got her around two to three months old i took her to the vet her first round of shots. i had a sample of her stool eval'd and was told she had round worm. i gave her the medicine she pooped out some nasty worms and i thought it was dealt with. I took her for her next round of shots with a sample and she STILL had round worms. While away, she was taken care of by my soon to be in-laws, and they told me she was eating her poop. Shes five months now, and when i was cleaning my yard i noticed she was having loose stools. I also noticed she is very lean in my opinion and has trouble gain weight. these signs lead me to believe she still has it. I will be contacting my vet tomorrow, but i really need help controlling her urge to eat the poop, how to clean loose stools out of yards so she doesn't eat it even after i pick it up best i can, and any other helpful tips you can think of for raising a very active GSD Pup.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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