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Trouble with Puppy and roundworm NEED HELP!

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My five month old GSD puppy has pretty much had round worm her whole life. When i got her around two to three months old i took her to the vet her first round of shots. i had a sample of her stool eval'd and was told she had round worm. i gave her the medicine she pooped out some nasty worms and i thought it was dealt with. I took her for her next round of shots with a sample and she STILL had round worms. While away, she was taken care of by my soon to be in-laws, and they told me she was eating her poop. Shes five months now, and when i was cleaning my yard i noticed she was having loose stools. I also noticed she is very lean in my opinion and has trouble gain weight. these signs lead me to believe she still has it. I will be contacting my vet tomorrow, but i really need help controlling her urge to eat the poop, how to clean loose stools out of yards so she doesn't eat it even after i pick it up best i can, and any other helpful tips you can think of for raising a very active GSD Pup.
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It's definitely round worms? Looks like spaghetti? Due to the life cycle, of roundworms, pretty much all puppies are born with them, which is why it's so important for breeders to begin deworming them at regular intervals starting at around two weeks of age.

The usual medication for roundworms is pyrantal pamoate (a common brand is Nemex 2), but your vet might want to try fenbendazole (a common brand is Panacur). It's very inportant that you follow the directions about repeating doses, since the medication isn't effective against the eggs.

If she has loose stools that you are having trouble picking up with a scooper, you might have to result to using a pick-up bag and tearing the grass out to get as much as you can.
I pick up what I can then take the hose to the remainder of the messy stool so it is down in the soil.

Get stool samples to the vet every couple weeks. There are a lot of different worms and intestinal parasites. They can be difficult to detect unless the stool sample is checked often and of course may need different pesticides to kill off.
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