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Trolley/cart for large Malamute who can no longer walk

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My girl is old now and she's been walking less and less distance every day. She still wants to go out for walks, but now only makes it a few yerds, for a few minutes before either stumbling and falling, or simply laying down because she can't walk any more.
I'm giving her Glucosamine, Green tipped mussel powder and CBD oil. She's not eating much either, but still has an appetite for human foods (that'sfor another thread).

Anyway, I was thinking of buying a pull-along garden cart (something like what's in the links below) and putting loads of cusions in there for her comfort. At least she can come out and have a sniff about then.
Just wondering if anyone has any ideas, or experience with assisting large breeds like this?


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Sounds like a good idea! She is sure to appreciate and enjoy it.

By the way, the dosage of New Zealand green lipped mussel extract can make a big difference. At first I tentatively gave my 18 kg dog only HALF a 500mg capsule daily, and it was not really enough. Later I read that his weight should receive a full 500mg daily, so now I give him the full 500mg capsule every morning, and he is a very happy camper.

According to Wikipedia, an adult malamute is probably about twice the weight of my Benny. Note that those are pounds on the label, not kilos. 1 kg = 2.20462 lbs
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