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Trish and Mouse

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Well figured I'd post a couple pics of them.
Trish has not been doing well last 2 months, growing increasingly weaker.

As always though Mouse more than ever sticks with her like glue and watches after her.
He spends most evenings cuddling her and wrapped around her or laying beside her.

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What a genuine good boy. I'm glad that she has him. I'm sorry to hear about her health, sending my thoughts your (and her) way.
Ty all.

Sadly the facts are that if she does not show improvement or keeps getting worse I've got to look at what will be best for Trish.

Since her stroke in 2015 Mouse has always stayed by her being a catch if she got off balance or if she needs a protector when I'm at work, he is always on it.
In the last 4 months she has been losing weight and the last 2 months her strength has greatly declined, and now has trouble even getting out of a chair.

I truly dread the fact that I may have to look into her going into a facility in the near future and the fact that Mouse will be lost when I'm gone at work without the job he has had for most of his adult dog life.

Sorry if it's a bit of rambling but just life as it is I guess.

Best wishes to everyone and hug the ones you love.
Hugs ((( ))) to yall back :) yall are in our thoughts <3
At least Trish has faithful support in you and Mouse both. I'm sorry your family is having to go through this.
You have hard, sad days ahead. I wish you the strength you will need.
Sending good thoughts to you and Trish, and hugs for Mouse.
Sorry to hear this. Is there any place that will let Mouse stay with Trish, even if just during the day? I'm sure the Dr. would recommend it, b/c Mouse just being there helps out.
So sorry to hear about Trish! Good thoughts and hugs to you guys. I hope you can find some way that Mouse can be with Trish.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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